This Green Bay Packers team just feels wrong. They're like a sketch artist's quick, messy mock-up of what he or she thinks the Pack look like, but not the authentic product itself. If anything, this year's Green Bay team is only authentic in that they look authentically mediocre. 

Last night's blown lead and eventual defeat to the Seahawks only drive the point home further. And though injuries and attrition have dragged this team down, one thing remains constant in their struggles: a baffling misuse of No. 1 running back Aaron Jones.

Jones started the game making all kinds of folks happy. ​He scored the first touchdown of the night on a pitch play, then made it first half bookends ​with a 24-yard reception in the final minute of the second quarter. His previous single-game high in receiving yards was 27.

But what happened the rest of the way? Yeah, the Packers lost and Jones disappeared.

​These two things are related.

No offense to Russell Wilson, who came alive in the second half and took what was his, but Mike McCarthy and the Pack gave this one away. In fact, ESPN gave them a 74.3 percent win expectancy with 10:30 to go in the final quarter. But time makes fools of us all.

McCarthy's erroneous mismanagement of the dynamic Aaron Jones is an awful, stinking sore spot for Green Bay. And at this rate, it's one of the things that's going to cost him his job.