​What can't Zion Williamson do? The man is known for his insane dunks and making defenders look foolish. And while it was recently revealed a former ​LSU assistant coach offered him a scholarship to play tight end, no one knew the man had a rocket for an arm. Maybe he should have been offered as a quarterback? 

Well, he's already got more arm strength than some of the starters in the NFL (I'm looking at you, Case Keenum).

Imagine if he decided to play football. At 6-7 and 280 pounds, he'd be a bigger Cam Newton. Let me reiterate. He'd be bigger than Cam Newton, one of the most Greek-statue-esque quarterbacks to ever play the game. His vertical would break records, too.

Just stay in North Carolina and get drafted by the Panthers. Sit behind Cam Newton and learn the ropes for a few years, then go on to break records. That's your true calling. 

I'm kidding, of course. ​Zion has an amazing NBA career ahead of him. Plus, no one wants to hear announcers say, "You know Zion Williamson played basketball in college" every single week.