​After recording 34 home runs, 111 RBI and a .290 batting average, Chicago Cubs infielder Javy Baez came up just short in this year's ​NL MVP race, as tonight it was announced that Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich would be taking home the trophy. Nonetheless, Baez had a phenomenal year and the Chicago Cubs created this montage to honor his ​illustrious season.

​​Baez was the heart and soul of a Cubs team that finished with the second best record in the National League, trailing the Milwaukee Brewers by just one game. 

Baez led the National League in RBI and was arguably the best defender on the team, while also being the most versatile. Yelich may have won, but Baez certainly had a memorable season of his own.

With Baez under contract until 2021, he will certainly have many more chances to take home the award as he is just 25 years old. The Chicago Cubs look to have a bright future ahead of them and Baez will be the one to lead the charge.