​When Monday roles around, we could be witnessing the best Monday Night Football Game in recent memory as the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams, both of whom possess 9-1 records, are squaring off.

They'll be playing in Los Angeles ​instead of Mexico City because of field conditions, so Chiefs head coach ​Andy Reid needed to change up the playlist for practice to get his guys in the right frame of mind.

Like most teams, Reid blared music to prepare his players for loud crowd noise in a hostile road environment. Kudos to the 60-year-old coach from Los Angeles for going to his roots and blasting that West Coast boom-bap.

​​Of course, if this is a normal course of action for the Chiefs, what does Reid normally blare? Does it depend on the city they are traveling to? I mean, if they were still going to Mexico City would he have his players practice with loud Latin pop? We won't get the chance to know, unfortunately.