​Just a couple days ago, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant were witnessed having a ​heated argument late in the Warriors' loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. 

There seems to be some trouble in paradise out in the Bay between two of their premier players, and with Durant being a free agent at season's end, this could be the final year this dominant version of the ​Warriors gets to play together.

Their friendship may be crumbling. It may not be. But there is a job at hand, and it seems the two are burying the hatchet and moving forward as professionals, as KD and Draymond were seen walking into the arena together today for practice.

These two really do seem to be cool for now, but that doesn't mean that KD isn't still on his way out after the season. 

Of course, the chance at three titles in a row and four in five years isn't a bad thing for anyone.

Knowing how emotional he gets, don't be shocked if Draymond and Durant get into another verbal altercation at some point this season. But they'd be smart if they did that behind closed doors instead of on the court in front of everyone, because one and all are now looking out for exactly this.