​Supermodel and new mother Kate Upton is at it again. The Cy Young race always makes for some quality tweeting from her, as she happens to be married to Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander.

Shortly after the news broke that Blake Snell had won the 2018 AL Cy Young, Upton tweeted this:

​​Upton is providing everyone with a warning, because last time she voiced her opinion on the AL Cy Young voting she created twitter gold with a NSFW response to her beau getting snubbed:

This season presented another compelling race for the Cy Young award. Once again, Verlander led the AL in strikeouts with 290 also posing an impressive MLB-best WHIP of 0.90 in 34 starts.

This time, Upton spared the profanity, but was just as upset that her husband was snubbed again.

With Verlander's response, it appears that he did proofread the tweet, but Upton, of course, added her own subtle spin by adding some quotation marks. Comical stuff, but JV has to be legitimately happy for Blake Snell. Right?