​Sometimes when you write those checks, you better be ready to cash 'em.

A Tampa Bay native made the claim on Twitter that if Rays pitcher Blake Snell won the Cy Young Award this year, he would shave the Devil Ray logo into his head. Well, ​Snell won the award Wednesday, and now the Rays are coming for their debt.

Uh oh. You got put on blast by the whole team. We're even putting you on blast, too. Looks like it has to be done, good sir.

Let's hope you don't have an important job interview anytime soon.

Snell had some tough competition for the award, going up against previous winners in Corey Kluber and Justin Verlander. While Snell's stats certainly warranted him the victory, the Rays fan had to have liked his chances with behemoths like Klubot and JV going up against the left-hander.

But what's done is done.

Alright, Mr. Meyer. Time to buzz up.