It's often said that it's not just about which team is the best, but about which team is the healthiest heading into the postseason. And if that's the case in the NFL, then fans of the  Washington Redskins will feel a bit more satisfied this week knowing that they'll be seeing one of their key special teamers come back to the field.

Washington is activating Trey Quinn off of the IR this week.

Quinn had just two returns for 12 yards before injuring his ankle in the season opener this season. The rookie was selected with the very last pick in he 2018 draft, giving him the honor of being named Mr. Irrelevant. 

The Redskins currently hold a comfortable lead in the NFC East at 6-3, and the return of their punt man is just a little more icing on the cake. Washington can solidify a playoff berth within the next four games on their schedule as they play the Texans and all three of their division rivals in the ​Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles.

Perhaps this stretch will allow Quinn to prove himself as a viable returner in this league, and shake off the laughs that come with being taken last in the draft.