​Wow...things just keep getting uglier and uglier for Draymond Green. Not only did he get after ​Kevin Durant during their altercation, he reportedly came after the Dubs' bench players as well. 

Is he trying to ruin all of the team's chemistry? 

According to ​NBA insider Shams Charania, Draymond said: "Don't talk to me and come at me like I'm _____," as he mentioned the name of a Warriors big man in the bench rotation. 

This is really not a good look for ​Draymond, and it wasn't looking pretty to begin with. He shouldn't have started beef in the middle of a game, and he certainly shouldn't have brought up KD's free agency. 

Plus,he just had to be a jerk ​​to the bench players that had nothing to do with it? We imagine he either name dropped Damian Jones or Kevon Looney there. Regardless of who it was, it was completely uncalled for, and will further alienate the team. 

​​If Green continues to act in this manner, and creates drama with teammates that have done nothing wrong, he'll be causing a lot more trouble for the Dubs. 

The Warriors have been successful because of the culture they have in place and because of the team-oriented way they play. If they actually want to three-peat, then Draymond needs to stop acting like a child. 

Otherwise, he'll destroy the greatest team ever assembled.