​While there's little argument as to who should receive the ​National League Cy Young Award, the American League Cy Young Award contest may be closer. 

It shouldn't be, though.

While Tampa Bay Rays ace Blake Snell may have been snubbed from the ​A.L. All-Star team (in initial voting), he probably won't be snubbed for the Cy Young Award.

​​Blake Snell had an amazing season, leading the American League with a 1.89 ERA, 21 wins, an ERA+ of 219, allowing just 5.6 hits per nine innings. While his fellow nominee Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros also had a great season, leading the league with 34 games started, one shutout, 290 strikeouts, a .902 WHIP and a 7.84 strikeouts/walks, there's no denying Snell was the better pitcher this season. 

​​ERA is the most important stat to measure a starting pitcher's ability, and Snell's 1.89 ERA is significantly lower than Verlander's 2.52. Additionally, Snell played a big role in his team's surprisingly successful season, pitching dominantly deep into games, sparing the Rays' hard-working bullpen a few extra innings of work.

If Verlander's ERA were closer to that of Snell's, then an argument can be made that he would be more deserving of the award. However, nobody in the American League was close to being as good as Snell when it came to preventing the opposing team from scoring. 

It's also worth mentioning that Snell put up these numbers while also playing in the same division as two of the best offensive teams in the league: the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Even they couldn't touch Snell. Hopefully he gets the award he deserves tonight.