We all remember ​ponytail girl, and ​bonanza minor league manager. Now, welcome to your next viral sports freakout video. In this one, a college basketball player at a Division III school straight up BODIES an opponent with a ​vicious elbow out of nowhere, right after he releases a 3-point shot attempt:​

​​This has got to be one of the most malicious actions I've seen on a basketball court in a long time. Notice how the player glances over at the referee to make sure he's not looking before unleashing a howitzer--totally unprovoked, and totally vicious.

The elbow thrower was identified by a Twitter sleuth as Kewan Platt of Fitchburg State University.

​​What was Platt thinking? Did he think he could get away with it, somehow conveniently forgetting the existence of television cameras? I'd expect a big suspension coming.

Should have figured that was a possibility, Mr. Criminal Justice major.