Yikes. This is the kind of highlight you do not want to be on the receiving end of. Watch as Chris Paul takes on Nuggets big man​ Nikola Jokic and absolutely turns his world around: 

Yeah, that was absolutely filthy. ​Jokic looked completely lost trying to defend CP3, and let's be real here; as soon as Jokic switched on to CP3, he didn't stand a chance. 

CP3 seized the moment and went to work on the big man, and it did not disappoint. Of course, the move wouldn't be complete if he didn't sink the jumper right after. Which is exactly what he did. ​​

​​The ​Rockets are looking to fight their way back to a winning record after a horrible start to the ​season. If CP3 keeps playing like that, they certainly can. 

In the meantime, the Nuggets have gotten off to an incredible start, as they currently sit at 9-4. We'll have to see if they can maintain this level of play throughout the entire season. 

As for Jokic, he better watch those ankles while CP3 is around.