If someone who had never observed an ​NFL football game before watched Aaron Rodgers and ​Nathan Peterman play, they would probably come to the conclusion that they were born on different planets. 

Unfortunately for Peterman, his stats don't match up well next to the future Hall of Famer. In fact, if ​Rodgers had found a way to throw 1,240 interceptions on his next 1,240 pass attempts, he would still have a better touchdown-to-interception ratio than the former Buffalo Bills starter. 

​​Although Peterman's career could continue after his release, it's going to be really hard to rebound from his current stat sheet. 

He has also thrown the same amount of touchdowns (3) as pick-sixes over his two seasons with the Bills. It's pretty hard to be this consistently bad. 

The fact that Buffalo was much more confident in starting Derek Anderson, a free agent journeyman backup quarterback that didn't know the playbook, says all you need to know about Peterman's career. 

​​Imagine actually throwing over 1,000 interceptions and still not being as bad as Peterman. That is a scary thought in a league that is designed for professionals to play the game of football.