​​Fake Twitter accounts are prevalent, especially in the sports world, and it's always a hilarious sight when well-known figures in the industry get fooled by them.

Enter Cris Carter, Hall of Fame wide receiver and co-host of FS1's First Things First, who fell for one of Adrian Wojnarowski's trolling accounts. Check out this carelessness by Carter:

​​Let us defend the Hall of Famer for a second. How many of you would believe that Draymond Green called Steve Kerr a "dumb cracker"? We know there's a good chunk of you who just pictured Draymond uttering the words. Also, if you search Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter, A LOT of results come up.

Then again, the verified "check" is all one needs to distinguish which profile is controlled by the real-life ​NBA guru. 

Carter should know his way around the media world by now. He used to be Woj's colleague at ESPN for crying out loud. 

But the fake Woj's are alive and well!

These trolling accounts post hogwash on a daily basis and they will keep doing so as long as they continue to hoodwink delusional sports fans and pundits.