​We've all heard the story by now. Draymond Green rushed to the parking lot after he and the Warriors blew an unthinkable 3-1 lead to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the ​NBA Finals. In a state of pure desperation, Green called ​Kevin Durant -- the de facto second-best basketball player in the world -- and begged him to throw his legacy aside and join the Monstars. 

The rest is sadly history. But just as Green created this dynasty with a pity party of epic proportions, he can destroy it with the blink of an eye and some social media malpractice. Green's always been vocal and unapologetic, which makes it ironic that a moment of pure loneliness and realism helped the Dubs land Durant in the first place. 

Trouble occurs even in paradise, however, and the ​Dubs have suddenly run into some locker room drama which poses a real threat to derail the core of their team. And at the center of it all is Green, unintentionally delivering a slim hope of parity to the rest of the basketball universe. 

Why pass a former MVP the ball when you can piss him off instead? It's the Draymond way, and for this we're eternally faithful.

Durant appears poised to leave the Warriors regardless of Green's worst intentions, but adding further motivation never hurt anyone. KD is notoriously emotional, and you can bet he's reverted back to his burner account ways. Just wait till @DurantDC69 tweets out this article with a thinking emoji at 1 a.m. PT. 

Durant has plenty of options should he decide to leave the Bay and control his own destiny for seemingly the first time in his career. No ego-centric point guards. No China Klay. No Draymond "you up" text. KD has a chance to be the good guy, and it's everything he's ever wanted.

​KD's popularity is sky-high in basketball-starved cities like New York, and Green's antics shockingly make us feel bad for a man whose sole purpose was to destroy the game we love at the highest level. That's the power of Draymond.

Green is just stubborn enough for this to work. Keep feeding into the negativity and pessimism surrounding the Warriors locker room. Let them feel the heat. 

The only thing stopping the Warriors from winning the next 10+ titles is themselves.