​The NFL has decided to move next week's Monday Night Football matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams to Los Angeles due to concerns over the field conditions in Mexico City. 

Of course, the move comes with a price. Going from Mexico City to Los Angeles will cost the league tens of millions of dollars, per Darren Rovell. 

Because of what happened with the field conditions and the cancellation, it could unlock language in future contracts that could allow the ​NFL to cancel future games in the country.

​​While tens of millions of dollars is chump change to a billion-dollar industry like the NFL, this move could have a profound impact on Mexico.

According to a study done, last year's game had a $45 million impact on the economy, and total domestic and international tourist spending was $43 million, of which $32 million was incremental to Mexico City’s economy.

If Mexico loses future games in addition to this one, we're talking over $100 million-plus lost for their economy. That's a significant number, and something the country was looking forward to in order to generate a mass amount of revenue. 

The fans are also impacted. Many have spent a ton of money on airfare and hotel fees, some of which they may never see again. 

Some may not think the move is a big deal, but when it comes to the money, this will have a profound effect on many.