​Draymond Green and Kevin Durant got into a ​heated argument in the ​Warriors loss to the Clippers on Monday night, and apparently Green had some ​fairly choice words for Durant. 

Green reportedly challenged Durant about his upcoming free agency while the pair were locked in the altercation. 

Green turned the ball over as time expired in regulation in 106-106 ball game, after ignoring Kevin Durant's call for a pass. When teammates expressed their thoughts to Green after the game, Green did not back down from his stance. 

It is widely expected that Kevin Durant will ​join a new team​ this offseason as the Warriors will not be able to afford to offer him the massive contract he is seeking, and likely deserves. Durant has made it clear that he intends to get paid this offseason. 

The argument extended after the game and continued in the Warriors locker room. Tensions ran high between two extremely high profile players, and while the Warriors will hope the pair will settle this matter, there is no denying that KD's offseason plans will impact how some of his teammates feel about him.