It looks like the players have seen enough. 

​Next week's Monday Night Football matchup is supposed to be taking place in Mexico City, however recent reports suggest that the field is in no condition for a game to take place. Images showed the ​field looking poorly maintained, which could be a major injury risk to players of both teams. 

According to Adam Schefter, players from both the ​Chiefs and ​Rams are considering sitting out the game in order to avoid an injury. 

The NFL needs to relocate this game, as it's a MONSTER contest set to feature two of the top teams in the league. 

This could be a sneak peek at a potential Super Bowl matchup, but if players from both sides don't want to take part due to field conditions, then that is a huge problem.

If the field in Mexico City isn't properly maintained and in good enough condition for players to feel comfortable, then relocating may be the only choice the league has. 

Because the game is scheduled as a home game for the Rams, they should move the game to Los Angeles. It would be a huge disappointment if the league allowed the game to be held on the field in Mexico City, especially if some key players decide to sit out. The Estadio Azteca isn't fit for this kind of a matchup. 

No reason to risk injuries. Period.