In the fourth quarter of the Warriors' Monday night loss to the Clippers, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green were seen ​getting into an ​altercation after Green lost possession late in the game, ruining Golden State's chances of winning in regulation. 

Green and Durant's incident ​reportedly left the court with them and continued on in the team's locker room. 

This latest incident between Durant and Green may be due to the frustration of losing a regular season game, or it may be further evidence that Durant is not going to be back with the Warriors next year. 

Durant has previously revealed his intentions for next year's ​free agency, which is to get paid. 

Considering the Warriors will probably not be able to pay Durant max money next season, he is expected by many to join a new team this offseason. The Warriors are obviously hoping to retain Durant, but his latest blowout with Green won't be helping their chances. 

Durant will be the most sought-after free agent on the market and any team with spending room will be offering him boat loads of cash to join their organization. Unless Durant and his teammates resolve any beef between them, their superstar seems almost certain to walk.