This video is not recommended for​ basketball purists with a weak stomach. It's no secret that Markelle Fultz has struggled at the free throw line, but this new footage is completely cringe-worthy. Avert your eyes if you can. If you cannot, say a prayer first:

​​Sheesh. At this point, I think everyone is beginning to feel bad for the young point guard. The double pump in this video is both fundamentally unsound and ugly. This begs the question: will this kid ever figure out how to shoot a foul shot? Or any shot, for that matter?

Fultz certainly had plenty of time last year and during the offseason to work on his glaring weakness. Brett Brown can't be happy about the utter lack of progress.

The youngster has begun to put in some quality minutes, but some kinks definitely need to be worked out. With the recent addition of Jimmy Butler, things are looking up when it comes to a deep playoff run for the Sixers. But at this rate, Fultz figures to be merely a peripheral player if and when that happens.