​Look out below! This video, taken from the point of view of a U.S. Army Special Ops soldier parachuting down into Arrowhead Stadium Sunday before the Chiefs defeated the Cardinals, is beyond cool. It's also the perfect way to experience skydiving from the safety of your couch-- and celebrate America's current and former military personnel on Veterans Day.

​​The whole thing is an absolute trip. Watching the stadium slowly come into focus as the soldier plummets toward it is incredible. The fearlessness displayed by the parachuter is yet another reason (as if any of us need one) to honor all of the brave men and women who do such remarkable things for this country every single day.

This is just ​one of the many remarkable things that happened all across the NFL to honor our troops. ​Teams and ​individual players across the league all joined in to salute those who who go above and beyond for all of us. They were all touching tributes and hopefully warmed the hearts of those heroes.