​If you didn't already think the ​Golden State Warriors were greedy, filthy, capitalist elites, here's your proof.

The Dubs are already well into the process of building a new state-of-the-art arena in San Francisco, a move that will take them out of the East Bay and into the thick of San Francisco, whose population tends to operate in a much higher tax bracket. 

If you can't afford the exorbitant prices that the new Chase Center promises to bring and want to get as much of Oracle Arena as you can before they skip out of Oakland, the Warriors have your back. In fact, they've announced that they're going to be selling monthly passes to Oracle for only $100.

Those passes will allow you can eat and drink at all the restaurants at the arena... but don't think that'll get you the chance to actually watch the real-live game.

​​Yes, that's right. The Warriors are selling passes permitting entry to the building during games, but not to watch the thing. I mean, you can watch it on the screens in the stadium, but you could also do that at home. For free.

Meanwhile, the Warriors have also been giving tours of the Chase Center as it takes shape--to ​Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant alone, that is.

​​This is a far cry from the "We Believe" Warriors of the Baron Davis days; it's even unrecognizable from the pre-Durant Warriors of only two years ago. This team is the evil empire, and ownership is acting accordingly.