​One of the top pitchers by any metric on the free agent market is former AL Cy Young Award winner Dallas Keuchel. 

Plenty of teams will come calling, including the ​New York Yankees, but his iconic facial hair would disqualify him there...right?

Not if you ask Keuchel, who'd be more than willing to slice the mane for a chance to sport that iconic interlocking NY.

“I think everybody is in play right now,” Keuchel said. “The lure of the city would be really cool. I like pitching in Yankee Stadium."

"For the right opportunity," he continued, "I would happily shave this beard off. It’s all about winning. I’ve made that very clear from Day 1 of my career starting to this position right now."

​​As we all know, the Yankees have a strict facial hair policy. That means Keuchel couldn't continue his ZZ Top impersonation while wearing pinstripes. He ​looks very weird without his beard, but in five career starts at Yankee Stadium, the veteran southpaw is 3-2 with a 2.45 ERA. 

With that kind of success, I'd shave it off too, Dallas.