​Finally, ​Cowboys fans got a glimpse of what their offense could look like with Dak Prescott playing at the peak of his potential. For years, Jason Garrett has chained Dallas' offense, not allowing Prescott the chance to win games on his own, instead relying on Ezekiel Elliott and one of the best offensive lines in football.

That was all fine and good until recently, but with Dallas' offensive line in constant flux and ​Prescott up for an extension in the suddenly near future, the Cowboys need to find out what they have in the young QB out of Mississippi State. Potential can only carry Dak so far, but Sunday night offered a new hope.

Surely it's easier to determine Prescott's flaws, rather than identify clear strengths. But Dak's play on the move and extending plays was on full display on Sunday night, and he correctly used Zeke as a backfield outlet, something that's been missing in the Cowboys' offense of late.

Heck, even the downfield passing game showed some glimpses. Just like most games, Prescott took his licks behind a suspect o-line, but promptly got up and delivered several clutch drives.

Prescott's future in Dallas is no sure thing, but Dallas needed this win especially after their frustrating Monday night loss to Tennessee just last week.

The Cowboys offense forever runs through Zeke, but don't sleep on Dak. This is a performance to build on.