​​Halle Berry, Hallelujah. 

In the midst of their narrow Week 10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Jared Goff and the ​Rams spit out an unusual audible. In fact, it was named after a famous movie star. You...might've heard of her?

Someone get back to the woman! You don't keep Halle Berry waiting.

Goff was happy to oblige.

Goff's really grown since his brutal rookie season. With Sean McVay at the helm, the QB out of Cal isn't afraid to make moves on and off the field. 

Does Jared get an assist from his teammates?

We'll take that as a no from Todd Gurley.

When the Rams moved to LA, they signed up for all kinds of Hollywood shenanigans. The starting QB flirting with Halle Berry on social media, however, was probably beyond their expectations.

Shooters gonna shoot.