​The already depressing Zach Smith saga just keeps getting sadder and sadder. The disgraced former ​Ohio State coach who got fired after accusations of domestic abuse towards his ex-wife is in the midst of a public meltdown on Twitter, and his target is former co-worker and current Texas Longhorns head coach, Tom Herman.

Smith started his tirade by taking aim at Herman--and more odiously, Herman's wife Michelle--using Texas' poor play to bring up the fact that Herman is a man of poor character...evidently the single worst in the nation!

​​Michelle Herman was evidently friends with Smith's ex-wife, Courtney, and confided in Courtney about Herman's past misgivings, Smith alleges.

​​Smith then went on to state that it's unfair he gets his life torn to shreds on "some bullshit" (which domestic abuse evidently falls under, according to Smith), while Herman's reputation remains clean. Smith says this makes Herman both a "BITCH" and a "bad human," which you'd think would have been already established in the whole "biggest shitbag in America" comment.

​​Smith's next tweet is his shortest in length, but contains the most typos. He claims he's found "solice," which I take issue with, given exhibits A, B, and C above. 

Smith then claims he was "crucified" (à la Jesus) and "ruined" (à la ​​the evenings of anyone forced to read this diatribe)--all for "no reason" (again, a strange definition for alleged domestic abuse). Herman's infidelity, Smith alleges, is as bad as what he's being accused of.

​​Smith then brings college football insider Brett McMurphy into the fray, informing the reporter that he's seen Herman cheat on his wife on a multitude of occasions (tagging her, in case anyone missed it on all the previous tweets), including at *gasp* an ASIAN MASSAGE PARLOR:

​​Smith then shares with us some of the vitriol he'd been sending privately to Herman over text message, including Herman's priceless response:

Not five minutes after showing us how Herman absolutely sava​​ged him, Smith was back at it, reminding Herman of some specific infidelities with a recruiter from Iowa State.

​​At this point, Smith launches into a pondering on the nature of coaching, and the lack of authenticity therein.

​​And finally, when a bystander pointed out that Smith's twitter behavior made it seem like he'd been likely imbibing, Smith caps it off by sharing with us one of Herman's favorite cocktail recipes.

That's where it stands right now. How will Herman respond? Will Smith continue his public downward spiral? How many aspirin will ​Urban Meyer need after reading through all this? Don't touch that dial and you'll find out.​​