We've all been there: you innocently crack a joke in good faith, not thinking that you're saying anything off-color. Then someone informs you of some aspect of your joke that you hadn't considered, and you feel mortified. Well, that's what Tony Romo is going through right now, after making a joke about the patch on Seahawks punter Michael Dickson's jersey:

The patch is of course honoring the late Seahawks owner Paul Allen, who ​died of cancer last month.

Fans instantly took to Twitter to air out Romo's cringe-worthy mistake:

​​We get it, Tony. You like golf. You live and breathe golf. You see the world through golf's eyes. You see PGA, you automatically think of that little white ball. You just spoke too quickly this time...

Also, Michael Dickson is an Aussie who played AFL in the Sydney Swans' organization back home. Golf's not the only sport that needs a bit of backspin!

This will blow over soon, but for now, Tony's got some egg on his face.