The Astros and Yankees have been two of the best teams in baseball over the past couple of years, and while it is normally the Yankees known for spending big and acquiring headlining stars, it's the Astros who keep sweeping in to steal them from within the Yankees' grasp.

The newest player to be on the wish list of both teams? Mariners ace James Paxton.

Paxton is 29 years old and heading into his seventh season with the Mariners, but Seattle is said to be toying with the idea of a rebuild, so Paxton is probably their most valuable piece to move. The left-hander went 11-6 with a 3.76 ERA last year and was better in 2017 with sub-3.00 ERA. The Yankees have long been in the need for high-end starting pitching, and have already begun discussing Paxton with the Mariners.

This is the second straight year that the Astros are planning to take a starter from the Yankees, as they took Gerrit Cole from them last offseason. Cole, then a Pirate, was rumored all summer to be headed to New York via trade, but the Astros swooped in at the last minute to take him with a pretty shallow trade offer.

The ​Astros then boasted a rotation with Dallas Keuchel, Justin Verlander, and Gerrit Cole -- all Cy Young-worthy pitchers -- while the Yankees were left floundering. This season, amidst all the Harper and Machado drama, the Yankees have stated that their No. 1 goal is starting pitching. They've already reportedly begun negotiations on Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco in Cleveland too. Maybe those are the next Astros trade targets. 

The Yankees can't blow it this time. The fans are getting impatient, and the Astros just love it.