We all know that Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback ​Patrick Mahomes has an absolute cannon for an arm, but a video released by the team today might've just taken that notion to the next level. The clip shows Mahomes warming up on the field prior to his matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, and the pass he unleashes was a complete and utter bomb. I mean, it completely appears to exit the entire stadium. Check it out for yourself below:

Jeez. Would you look at that ball?

In all seriousness, though, that pass was launched such a ridiculous distance that it could've fooled the naked eye into thinking it disappeared over the stadium. But really, that thing could've landed in the seats, right? That's how powerful this dude's arm is.

Of course, that arm strength is one of the many reasons why Mahomes is leading the MVP race. At 29 TDs to 7 INTs along with almost 3,000 yards already, the kid has proven he's a star in this league just nine games in.

And the highlights should be plentiful for today's game against the Cardinals, folks.