It looks like the rumors of  Markelle Fultz changing his jump shot and free throw over the offseason were exaggerated, as he's still going out there shooting free throws like a 70-year old man who hasn't been able to extend his arms in 20 years.

 This has to be the most awkward free throw for a guard in the NBA, and one of the most unnatural in history. The No. 1 pick from last year's draft is said to be over the shoulder problems that kept him out of most of last season, but it looks like he clearly isn't. 

He's shooting 41 percent from the free-throw line after shooting 40 percent last season, which is the worst percentage for qualified players in the ​NBA. He's also shooting 40 percent from the floor and averaging nine points in 24 minutes per game. The Sixers are also far worse with him in the lineup than when he's on the bench, so there's that too.

At least his jump shot has shown some slight improvements.

The Sixers definitely wish they had gone in another direction with their Fultz pick last year. The team looks like it is still one star away from contending, and these Fultz free throws make it pretty clear it's not going to be him.