If there's a Creed 3, could a new duo be in the works? ​Michael B. Jordan, not to be confused with basketball legend Michael Jordan, wants to pair up with ​Joel Embiid on the silver screen. During a break in a ​Philadelphia 76ers game, the star of Creed II was asked which member of the 76ers he would most like to work with in a movie. Unsurprisingly, Jordan chose Embiid, the most outgoing player in the entire NBA.

​​Jordan is right, Embiid would make a great movie star.

Think about it, Embiid has already won numerous awards (All-NBA and All-Rookie honors), so winning an Oscar wouldn't be anything new to him. Embiid already has a huge social media presence, so he would have no trouble getting his millions of followers to watch his movies. In fact, the only thing Embiid needs is an equally famous girlfriend (I am aware he is dating a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, but we all know that he has been eyeing Rihanna since the day he was drafted into the NBA).

While Jordan suggests making a buddy cop film, I would recommend the potential acting duo stick to the basketball scene

Let's not forget, Jordan does have experience lending his talents to basketball related roles like when he voiced a character on NBA 2K17's MyCareer mode.

Honestly, no matter what type of movie Embiid is involved in, I am willing to see it. The man is comedic gold.