The man took blue-collar baller to a whole new level on Friday. 

Kevin Durant took his work to the ground level today, helping out a crew that is working on the construction of the Chase Center, the new arena being built for the Warriors in San Francisco.

The result?

The arena, which will be replacing Oracle Arena in Oakland, looks to be really shaping up, and the plan is for the Warriors to move across the Bay and into the new facility at the beginning of next season. KD got a close-up look at the $500 million project, but social media took the chance to take some more shots at the much-maligned superstar.

 Don't forget his abnormally large feet.

Things didn't stop there.

Perhaps KD is looking for a new job?

Another subplot surrounding this trip for KD was the fact that he may not even be a Warrior when the arena opens, as he is likely to enter free agency this offseason.

While the Warriors should still be the favorites to boast his services next year, there have been rumors about LA and NY circulating around his name. Today, some of the comments made by KD hinted at a return. This time in a house that he built.

KD probably deserves a lot of the roasts he receives on the internet. You gotta thank him for giving us more material. Until next time!