​Dez Bryant's tragic Achilles injury has taken over social media. Rightfully so, as the receiver was finally about to step foot onto a football field. ​Bryant tore his Achilles tendon just two days after being signed by the Saints. 

He was excited to play for New Orleans. The football world was excited to watch. But now, sadness. Here are some highlights of the Twittersphere. 

​​Firstly, Bryant reacted to the injury. He seems to be aware that his career may be over. But, it is the ultimate test. If he can keep his confidence, who knows what can happen.

Jets' safety Jamal Adams also responded.

We're hurting too, Jamal.

Adam Schefter leaked a quote from an anonymous head coach. 

It is a solid point. You can be in shape, but it is hard to stay in 'football shape', especially a year removed from the game.

Then the funny-but-cruel Twitter stepped in. This is what the platform is known for, after all.

Just like that, Bryant is ALREADY on his way back home. 

That's cold. I don't even have a quip for that one.

And for my favorite of the day.


No one is safe from the brutality of Twitter. It's all in fun jest, though.