​It is safe to say the the entire NFL world is speechless. Players, fans, executives, analysts. Everyone.

We were *this* close to seeing Dez Bryant on the field again. We were *this* close to seeing a former Pro Bowler in a truly elite offensive setup for the first time in four years. We were one final play in practice away from a situation that could have helped the New Orleans Saints go down in NFL history.

​The wideout suffered what is feared to be an Achilles injury during a typical route on the last play of Friday's practice just two days after finally being signed. Bryant has not played since the end of the 2017 season, but looked to keep in shape in hopes of nailing down the right free agent deal. But one final, seemingly normal play took him down.

If that isn't the world trying to say something to you, then I don't know what you'd consider fate to be.

Even those that aren't Saints fans are disheartened by the situation. 

​​​On Thursday, we heard about how ecstatic Bryant was to be playing in New Orleans. With the level of young talent on the team, the sky was the limit for the 30-year-old. A Super Bowl ring was not out of the question.

Now, the future of his career hangs in jeopardy. Achilles injuries are hard to come back from, especially if you're already 30 years of age.

​What a difference a day makes.