​If you stayed awake for the end of Panthers-Steelers, then congratulations! You one-upped one specific member of the Carolina Panthers. DT Kyle Love couldn't stomach the action on the field, so instead he poured up a glass of warm milk and tucked himself in during this unseasonably warm night in Pittsburgh.

Come on, dude. James Conner got concussed, and even he managed to stay alert longer than you did.

You'd think the ​energy from Steelers fans (or ​maybe his own teammate) would've jolted him for the Josh Dobbs portion of game action, but apparently their thunderous claps were no match for dream land.

We're not even mad. This is amazing. Love's got a big game again in...a week and a half, so I guess it was worth resting up.

Try explaining this lapse in judgment to Riverboat Ron, though. Better sleep with one eye open on the team plane. At least get those novelty glasses with wide-open eyes pasted on the frames to make it look like you're up and at 'em.