​When your offense has done this much in one evening, it's best not to do too much and start tempting football karma.

After an early hit to the head and a few attempts to test his progress, Pittsburgh's 38-point advantage proved the deciding factor, as Mike Tomlin sent ​RB James Conner to the locker room for evaluation early in the fourth.

Funny, because we know a ​certain RB at LA Fitness who would love to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars next week.

We kid, but Tomlin clearly isn't interested in tempting fate with a hard-hitting road opponent that sliced his team out of the playoffs last year on the horizon. Conner and the Steelers are certainly expressing caution here, but the team has plenty of weapons to rely on if he is forced to miss the next battle.

And yes, that could include No. 26, a phone call away and still scheduled to report this week. We shall see.

​​Perhaps pass the sticks his way and let him control for a while?