This isn't quite the Thursday night that ​Donte Jackson was anticipating when he left LSU for the pros this past spring. The second-rounder has been solid thus far for a hard-hitting Panthers unit, but one particular play ended in burnout disaster close to the end of the first half against Pittsburgh. Jackson was torched down the sidelines by ​Antonio Brown (happens to everyone), but he believed AB pushed off and made that quite known (he probably wasn't right). Wasn't satisfied when he hit the bench, either.​

​​Let them know you're hurting!

Of course, Jackson needs to get used to a little contact from one of the best receivers in the game, who's brought a bit of...additional aggression, shall we say, to Thursday's activity.

​​Yeah, he should probably worry about slowing his car before slowing down to appease some rookie named Donte Jackson.

Get yourself right, kid. Plenty more to deal with in the second half. Save the freakouts for the final score.