​​Charles Barkley only has a few precious seconds per halftime to check out his own business, so it's telling that he used his freedom to troll the ​Phoenix Suns on Thursday night. You see, the TV in front of him showed his old team taking a 15-5 lead over the far-superior Boston Celtics, and he just had to capture this moment, presumably for a fresh iPhone background.

​​The Chuckster knew it wouldn't last long, though. After all, DeAndre Ayton and Devin Booker haven't cloned themselves yet.

Although, uh...perhaps Chuck should've taken another photo at the end of the first quarter?

​​The Celtics need to wake up so that Mr. Barkley can't continue to photograph their demise. He went in on Boston during their myriad losing battles with LeBron James the past few years, and you know this fighting team would love to push it right back in his face.

Though he doesn't really care about the Suns that much. Clearly. Mostly trolling.