There is nothing more certain than Le'Veon Bell being active on Twitter during Steelers games. Bell took to Twitter to express his opinion of Pittsburgh receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster after his touchdown on Thursday night.

Yeah, JuJu is special, but so is your replacement. How does Bell feel about James Conner? Well...

Apparently Bell has no disdain for anyone on the team. Maybe he's over it. Maybe he's ready to move on.

It seems as if the Bell story won't die. First people theorized that he would be playing by the beginning of the season, then by the trade deadline, and now it's Week 11. The Steelers have not missed a beat without him and his Twitter rambling has gotten increasingly cryptic. He even broke unwritten social media laws and ​tweeted upside down the other day. Yeah, upside down. Some real Riddler stuff here.

His tenure with the Steelers is a few shovels of dirt from buried, but he still has respect for his brothers.

Or maybe he really is coming back this week?