This week, the sports world is showing that we are all stronger than hate. 

The Steel City cannot be weakened by the cowardly act of one, but if they ever needed support, those across the nation are letting them know that they have it all over. Even on their sports rival's home ice.

We've seen incredible gestures over and over to support the families of the Tree of Life Synagogue victims. Wednesday night, a Washington Capitals fan went above and beyond to help those in need. 

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was entitled to $38,570, but decided to donate the entire winnings to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and those families that were affected by the shooting. 

In the end, there are things much bigger and more important than sports. This person gets that. 

This season ticket holder is giving Capitals fans a good name with this move. It shows that not everyone is subject to hate. 

The acts of Cam Newton and Julian Edelman were special, of course, as they used their platform to support the victims in Pittsburgh. Hats off to this Capitals fan for continuing that act of kindness to everyday folks.