Le'Veon Bell has had us in a pretzel, and that's not just talking about the rumors about when he'll return making our heads spin. His latest tweets literally had us bending our necks in order to read his upside-down messages. 

What we may have missed while turning out heads completely upside down like a bunch of owls is the fact that he's also disassociating himself from the Steelers in the process. 

Bell has removed the Pittsburgh Steelers from his Twitter and Instagram bios and has replaced it with "All-Pro NFL Running Back."

After an entire season of trolling everyone and hinting when he'll return, Bell is building us up for his final act: the disappearing man. 

It has now become clear to all of us that Bell has absolutely no reason to return to the Steelers. If he decides not to show up by the Tuesday deadline, he'll still be considered a third-year franchise player, which would net him $25 million with some of that guaranteed. 

No matter how badly Pittsburgh wants Bell back, you have to assume they won't be willing to pay him that sum of cash. 

​​With the divorce just days away from being official, Bell is just getting ahead of things with some social media housecleaning.