It all started when reports suggested Boston Celtics point guard Terry Rozier was unhappy with his playing time. 

Rozier unexpectedly got a ton of time on the court last year when Kyrie Irving when down, but now the team's star ball handler is back and Rozier is back to being a bench player.

​​That was on Wednesday, and immediately following that noise there were more reports that said that there were up to seven teams monitoring Rozier's situation and ready to pounce on a trade.


It was quite the afternoon for the third-year guard, who is only averaging 22 minutes and seven points per game after averaging 26 minutes and 11 points last year. He also helped lead the Celtics, who were without All-Stars ​Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, to the Eastern Conference Finals, averaging 16 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds in 36 minutes per game across 19 playoff games.

It wouldn't have been surprising if Rozier was a little upset about his playing time, as almost any young point guard with such a bright future would be. The Celtics just have so much depth and quality players that deserve minutes, so it's hard for coach Brad Stevens to make everybody happy. On Thursday, though, Celtics GM Danny Ainge made it clear that Rozier hadn't voiced any kind of complaints to the organization.

"I talk to Terry quite a bit and I haven’t heard any of those types of things. So I don’t know how reliable any of the sources or rumors are. Terry hasn’t shared any of those with me, and I think he would if he was feeling that way. He knew going in this year what his situation, what his role was going to be, and he was as excited and enthusiastic as anybody on our team for the upcoming season," Ainge said.

Even Rozier himself shot down the rumors after the morning's shootaround.

The 6-4 Celtics take on a pretty bad Suns team tonight, so maybe Rozier will get some extra run. Maybe he won't. It sounds like he's just fine being a Celtic either way. At least until February.