8 Weirdest MLB Injuries of All-Time

Injuries are unfortunately a part of the game. Most of the time, they happen either on the field during a game or workout, but other times they can happen off the field. Here is a list of the 8 weirdest injuries of all time that have happened to MLB players. 

8. 8. Glenallen Hill: 1990

Early in his career, Hill went on the disabled list after falling through a glass table, resulting in cuts and bruises to his feet, knees and elbows. The reason? He had a nightmare about being attacked by spiders and in the process went sleepwalking to try to get away. Afterwords, his teammates gave him the nickname "Spiderman."

7. Joba Chamberlain: 2012

Joba Chamberlain was a solid pitcher for the Yankees for a short period of time. In 2012, Chamberlain suffered a right ankle injury while bouncing on a trampoline. Reports indicated right that he had lost so much blood that bystanders at the scene feared that he might bleed to death. Chamberlain later discredited this during a press conference and stated he never suffered any life-threatening injury or lost much blood.

6. Rickey Henderson: 1993

During Henderson's 1993 season with the Bue Jays, he got frostbite on his left foot due to the fact that he left on an ice pack on for too long. It turned out to be just a minor bump in the road to a Hall-of-Fame career as he continued to be the king of base stealing. He still helped Toronto win a World Series that year too. 

5. Trevor Bauer: 2016

During the 2016 postseason, Bauer's pitching hand started dripping blood on the mound. His reason? A run-in with a drone. The Indians pitcher sliced right pinkie finger while repairing the propellers on his drone. He attempted to pitch in Game 3 of the ALCS, but the stitches opened in the first inning and he had to leave the game because of the bleeding. Let's hope that he learned his lesson and left the repairing to the professionals.

4. Joel Zumaya: 2006

Guitar Hero was a popular series during the mid-2000s and Joel Zumaya had a little too much fun with the game. Zumaya missed three games during his rookie season in 2006 while playing the game. It did not really delay his rookie year, as he did end up playing in 62 games with a 1.94 ERA. The best part of this was that Zumaya was mentioned in the credits of the game saying, "No pitchers were harmed in the making of this game. Except for one. Joel Zumaya. He had it coming." 

3. Steve Sparks: 1994

Attempting to tear a phonebook is pretty much impossible and Steve Sparks learned that the hard way. Sparks tried to accomplish this in 1994 before the start of the season and dislocated his throwing shoulder. The worst part of this? He was a rookie trying to make the roster. He ended up not making the Brewers roster that year, but did have a nine-year career in the majors with a 4.88 ERA and a 59-76 record.

2. Sammy Sosa: 2004

​Sosa had a career average of .271 with 2,408 hits, 609 home runs and 1,667 RBI. During the tail end of the tenure with the Chicago Cubs, however, Sosa sneezed so hard while being interviewed in the locker room that he had severe back spasms. This was the start of a decline for Sosa as that was his last season as a Cubs. He spent the next few seasons with the Orioles and Rangers respectively before retiring in 2007.

1. Jeremy Affeldt: 2011-2015

Jeremy Affeldt had a four-year run of freak injuries. It's hard to pick one out of the bunch. In 2011, he suffered a season-ending injury as he cut his non-throwing hand trying to....well...separate frozen hamburger patties. In 2012, he sprained his right knee when his then 4-year-old son jumped into his arms. Finally in, August 2015, Affeldt partially dislocated his left knee while playing with his kids on his off-day. In the world of freak injuries, Affeldt had an unfortunate run. However, it is not all bad as he is a three-time World Series Champion.