​This whole saga of the Le'Veon Bell-Pittsburgh Steelers standoff has been strange all along, but it's just getting weirder and more convoluted by the moment. 

He's fired off multiple cryptic tweets and was recently spotted working out in Pittsburgh, having left his offseason Miami home. 

But even though Bell is in the Steel City, that ​doesn't mean he'll return to the Steelers. When Bell returned to Pittsburgh, he and his agent were apparently unaware that under the rules of the CBA, Bell does not have to report to the Steelers ​in order to become a free agent, and furthermore, he could make a whopping $25 million under the tag next season, according to reports.

This makes it all the more likely that Bell will just refuse to report by next Tuesday's deadline, in the hopes of finding a richer deal in the offseason.

​​While Bell has all the leverage in terms of contract negotiations with the Steelers, it's unclear whether Pittsburgh even wants him back, given the emergence of backup James Conner as an equally talented and much cheaper replacement.

That said, can Conner TWEET UPSIDE DOWN?

​Man, is Bell talented. If that tweeting ability isn't worth $25 million, then nothing is.