​The dysfunction is alive and well in the Land.

While the NFL team across the way is still ​pretty problematic, the NBA's Cavaliers have returned to a typical Cleveland dumpster fire--or ​Cuyahoga River fire, perhaps--in their second post-LeBron era. They've already fired Ty Lue. Interim coach Larry Drew has already waged a ​contract standoff with team brass.

It's a mess far beyond the organizational level, though, as the Cavs' locker room has been in turmoil. A wave of criticism has been directed at rookie point guard Collin Sexton, with several vets reportedly feeling that they don't believe he even knows how to play.


The tension has gotten bad enough behind the scenes in Cleveland that Drew has had to tell veterans to ease up on Sexton, according to recent reporting.

​​Sure, it's understandable to be frustrated at the start of a rough season, and everyone in Cleveland wishes things were going better. But ease up on the rook, guys. The college-to-NBA transition is never easy, and Sexton's just a teenager.

That said, the former Alabama star needs to be amenable to advice from his elders. This drama could easily be avoided with open communication and constructive criticism, right?

​Oh, who am I kidding. It's Cleveland. That'll never happen.