The Boston Red Sox may have won the World Series, but not everyone on the team is getting the recognition they deserve. J.D. Martinez was not included as a finalist for the American League MVP. 

His representation just so happens to be one of the most powerful and outspoken agents in baseball. As you could've guessed, Scott Boras does not understand how Martinez's stats could be overlooked. 

Boras tuned off on voters by saying that WAR overvalues defense and the importance it has on the process. 

Boras seems calm following  his comments when he first found out. 

Defense is an important part of baseball, but come on. Scoring is the name of the game and no one contributed to that aspect of the game more than Martinez did. 

Suggesting he shouldn't win the award is fine, but Boras has a point about him not finishing as a finalist. Martinez was second in batting average, second in home runs, and led the MLB in RBIs. 

Boras is a snake sometimes, but you have to give him credit for going to bat for his clients. Maybe he can spend the offseason shagging flies with Martinez so he can play outfield every day and bring this award home next year.