The Duke Blue Devils demolished the No. 2 ranked Kentucky Wildcats Tuesday night, largely due to the efforts of rookie Zion Williamson. Standing at 6-7, Williamson is a terror on the court, with insane verticality, fantastic blocking abilities, and a high basketball IQ. Steve Kerr had some words to say about the man on Wednesday, and went as far as to compare him to LeBron himself: ​

We were all kind of thinking it.

​​That's extremely high praise from a guy like Kerr, who has been around the best of the best in his time as a player and as a coach in the NBA. Is it a bit premature to call Williamson the next ​LeBron? Maybe (definitely). 

But if ​Williamson continues to play like he did Tuesday night, we might be watching an NBA superstar in the making. The big man seems well-developed in all aspects of the game, making him a tremendous draft prospect. 

​​We'll be curious to see how the rest of the season goes for Duke and Williamson, but if last night was any indication, he already seems like a lock for a top pick in the ​NBA Draft. 

Will Williamson be the next LeBron? Only time will tell.