​Bob Knight was a legendary ​coach at ​Indiana and Texas Tech. That's not even a question. At one point​, Knight had won more games than any coach in NCAA history. However, his volatile temper, choking former player Neil Reid, and famous incident throwing a chair across the court have perhaps overshadowed, to a degree, Knight's coaching career.

​​Finally, Knight's motives behind his legendary outburst have come to light courtesy of former Hoosiers guard and current college basketball analyst Dan Dakich. Dakich claims Knight was looking for a sport coat that he wanted to toss at referee London Bradley, but instead threw a chair in a moment for the ages.

Knight's temper was apparently so legendarily explosive that the entire Hoosier team ​​was completely numb to Knight's outburst. 

"Randy Wittman and I one day counted, he threw 52 chairs against the wall in practice one day," Dakich said. "So, when he threw the chair, none of us were surprised. It wasn’t a big deal, but apparently it became a big deal.” 

We hate to break it to you guys; that's not normal behavior.