​The New York Jets welcomed unwanted news on Wednesday,​ as rookie quarterback Sam Darnold was ruled out for Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills due to a "significant" foot sprain.

The news comes just days after Darnold was manhandled by the Miami Dolphins, who was sacked and ​picked off four times each.

If there is blame to be placed on anyone for the injury to their face of the franchise, it's head coach Todd Bowles.

The head coach played a pivotal role in Darnold's downright awful performance down in South Beach. Bowles opted to start center Spencer Long, who was dealing with a broken finger for several weeks. Long couldn't snap the ball accurately, as "the Duke" was sent in all different directions, causing Darnold to chase after it, and in turn, was left vulnerable to Dolphins defenders.

Did Bowles take Long out after having five bad snaps? Nope, he left him in, which only subjected Darnold to more punishment. Bowles would finally open his eyes on the last series, benching Long for Jonotthan Harrison, but it proved to be too little, too late.

If Long can't properly snap the ball, why don't you have Darnold hike the ball under center? Wouldn't that make more sense? Apparently not, as Bowles continued to use the shotgun formation, and Darnold suffered as a result.

Now, there is uncertainty as to when Darnold will be able to return. With this current coaching staff and this offensive line, it may be best to sit him out for the remainder of the season. Bring him back when you have the proper coaching staff and players at the line of scrimmage to protect him.

If Jets fans weren't calling for Bowles head before, they certainly are now, and for good reason.