Duke's utter domination of the Kentucky Wildcats on Tuesday night sent ​college basketball Twitter into a frenzy, ​crowning the Blue Devils as champions after one game. The hype, though premature, is certainly justified and we can now add ESPN's Jalen Rose to the list of crazed reactors. Rose appeared on ESPN's Get Up and confidently stated that Duke freshman Zion Williamson could have started over him in Michigan's Fab Five. Check it out. 

Jalen admirably defends former teammates Juwan Howard and Chris Webber, but is so quick to hand over his starting job to the freshman phenom. 

Rose's colleague Stephen A. Smith would eventually join the segment:

Stephen A. actually comes to Rose's defense, but claims that the jury is still out on whether or not Zion could take Jimmy King's and Ray Jackson's spot in the starting five. 

We are one game in and ESPN is already talking about the SECOND-BEST player on Duke starting in Michigan's Fab Five. 

Our prediction was right -- ​ESPN is going to do everything in their power to ruin Zion Williamson's greatness, just like they did with Trae Young